Life is meant to be lived and experienced fully! I’m a clinical social worker, with many years experience in healthcare and hospice, terminal illness, chronic illness, grief, and caregiving. Working with ill and dying patients showed me the importance of living life to the fullest today and every day because we truly never know how long we have. This is why I became a coach – to help people create and start living a life they love living.

I’m a certified transformational life coach who specializes in helping people who are at a crossroads in their life or career discover their unique, authentic self-expression in the world, so they can finally start living the life they know deep in their hearts they are meant to live!

Author of the Amazon ebook, Live the Life of Your Dreams by Doing Work You Love, you can also find my articles on the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mind Body Green, Lifehack, Good Men Project, and many other online publications.