What is your why?

Have you ever heard that statement? I hadn’t until close to a year ago. Now, it’s all I think about.

Your “why” is that thing that’s so important to you that no matter what’s going on in life, it continues to propel you forward.

Let me tell you my “why.”

My why is my teenagers, who mean the world to me, who will both be in college in five years.

My why is my Lab puppy, my Basset Hound, my British Shorthairs, and my Ragdolls, whom I get to spend each and every day with.

My why is my dream home in the woods on the edge of a mountain with a running stream that I envision each day.

My why is being my own boss and working my own schedule so that I have the freedom to be available for the things in life that are important.

My why is helping others to see their true potential, so they can create a life that they love.

Now that you know what my why is, what is yours? What is it that makes you want to get out of bed each morning? What motivates you to follow your dream at times when things get hard, and you would rather just go with the status quo?

I’ll say it again, your “why” is that thing that is so important to you that no matter what is going on in life, it continues to propel you forward.

When you have a dream, your “why” is as important as your “what.”

To reach your dream, you need to know what that dream is. This is your destination point.

Think of making a long road trip. You get in your car and start driving toward your destination. Are you going to get there just knowing your destination?

Probably not.

You’ll need fuel to get there. Gas will keep your car going until you reach your destination. The same applies with your dream.

Your “why” is the fuel you need to keep you moving toward your destination.

Your “why” is the fuel you need to keep you moving toward your destination.

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​How to figure out the "why".

We’re in the holiday season, a time when we reflect on what we love and what’s important to us.

You have a dream. Perhaps it is financial security, or freedom from the 9 to 5 grind doing something so meaningful to you that it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Perhaps you don’t know what your dream work is just yet. That's okay. You’ll have an opportunity to discover that.

Even if you don’t yet know, consider why you want that better life. That's the motivating force that will keep you moving forward until you get to where you want to go.

I mentioned earlier that my teenagers are my why, and here is the reason. By my reaching my dream, my kids will understand that they too can do anything they set their mind to. They’ll also have a mom who’s happy and available to them whenever they need me because I have no financial or time constraints.

Who in your life would be positively affected by you reaching your dream? They are your “why.”

Give some thought this holiday season to what’s important to you, the reason you live and breathe and get out of bed each and every day. This is your why!

Once you know this, the “what” becomes much easier.


I'm Grace, a certified transformational life coach who specializes in helping people who are at a crossroads in their life or career discover their unique, authentic self-expression in the world, so they can finally start living the life they know deep in their hearts they are meant to live! Author of the Amazon ebook, Live the Life of Your Dreams by Doing Work You Love, you can also find my articles on the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mind Body Green, Lifehack, Good Men Project, and many other online publications.

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